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If we could press time, the Reverté family’s more than 100 years devoted to viticulture, we’d get a singular must with the flavour of constancy and vocation.

The creation of a cava begins in the earth where the vine grows. We could therefore say that the very first creator of this cava was the great-grandfather Josep Reverté, a winegrower from Salomó.

His son, Joan, took over the work of cultivating the vines. But he also learned the trade of a blacksmith, a craft he employed to further his beloved vineyard, forging the agricultural tools but also forging his character and that of his successors with the drive, hard work and constancy of those who work the forge and the earth.

His nephew, Enric, staunchly continued the traditional family business and his great-nephew, also called Enric, has inherited the wisdom and passion of the generations preceding him to ferment that virtuous must and turn it into our Cava Reverté of today.

C/ Tomàs Garcia Rebull, 4. 43885 – Salomó (Tarragona)
T. 977 629 246 / 630 929 380