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Confidentiality and Data Protection

Organisation responsible for the use of data:


Address:  Calle Valencia, 15. 08770 Sant Sadurni d’Anoia

Telephone: 938 910 236


Reasons for the use of the data collected

INSTITUT DEL CAVA will use the information provided by the interested party for:

  • Manage any applications, suggestions or petitions concerning our professional services which interested parties make.
  • Commercial inquiries: The use of data to inform you about activities, interesting articles and general information about our services, by email.
  • Manage the data given to us by candidates applying for a position in the Institut with a CV or with the application form found in the section “Work with us”, in order to facilitate the selection process. You expressly authorize the INSTITUT DEL CAVA to use your data to the above mentioned ends.

The INSTITUT DEL CAVA will use your data and the information you provide for the selection process with the utmost confidentiality, adopting the technical and organizational methods necessary to avoid the loss, misuse, alterations and/or unauthorized access.

Data Retention: We also inform you that the INSTITUT DEL CAVA can retain your CV during a maximum period of one year, after which time the document will be automatically destroyed.

 Criteria for the Retention of data

  • Treatment of the CV: INSTITUT DEL CAVA can retain your CV for a maximum period of one year after which time the document will be automatically destroyed, in compliance with the principle of data protection.
  • Informative or commercial communications: Interested parties can unsubscribe from these communications at the following email address:
  • The rest of the data will be retained during a necessary period of time to fulfill the purposes described above.


The legal basis for data protection is the consent of those interested in:

  • The processing and management of any information requests or questions about our professional services.
  • The mailing of any informative or commercial communications emitted by the INSTITUT DEL CAVA.
  • The submission of a CV.


Personal data is not revealed to third parties, except when there is a legal requirement. Data is also not transferred internationally to other countries.


Personal data is directly obtained from those interested and from our collaborators.  The categories of personal data given to us by our collaborators are the following:

  • Identification data
  • Postal or electronic addresses

Specially protected data is not used.

Legal Rights

Right of Access, Rectification and Deletion: Interested parties have the right to receive confirmation whether the INSTITUT DEL CAVA is protecting their personal data or not and also to request the rectification of erroneous data or to ask for the deletion of data, when this data is no longer necessary for the initial purpose.

Rights to the Limitation and Opposition: in determined circumstances, interested parties can request a limitation on the use of their data, in which case, we will only retain these for the exercise or defense of claims.  In specific circumstances, and for motives related to personal situations, interested parties can oppose the use of their data.  INSTITUT DEL CAVA will cease to use this data if this occurs, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or for possible claim exercises or defense.

These rights can be exercised on

Updates and modifications

INSTITUT DEL CAVA reserves the right to modify and/or update the information on data protection, when necessary, for the correct usage of the rules of data protection.  If a modification occurs, the new text will be published on this page where the up-to-date policies can be accessed.  In each case, the relationship with the users will be governed by the rules provided at the precise moment when the website is accessed.