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Can Quetu

Since 1954 we elaborate wines like they used to be produced, with patience,  like they have always been elaborated, without sacrificing what the new technologies offer us, but, at the same time, maintaining a personal and very special dedication to a well-done elaboration process.  This process is what makes our Cava an artisan product.

Can Quetu, apart from the winery itself, is well known for its restaurant in Sant Sardurni d’Anoia, which offers a traditional Catalan cuisine elaborated with seasonal products. The specialties include ‘escalivada’ (roasted peppers, aubergines, onions and tomatoes served cold with high quality olive oil), meat grilled over coals and ‘calçots’ when in season.  (A type of spring onion roasted over coals and eaten with a ‘Romesco’ sauce). The Can Quetu restaurant is an ideal place for groups and for those in love with the Catalan cuisine.

C/ Tarragona, 25. 08770 – Sant Sadurní d’Anoia
T. (+34) 93 891 02 57